Day 6: Free Day

By: Cameron and Marina


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Ounasvaara mountain

Saturday was Midsummer day in Finland and the first free day, which gave students the opportunity to explore Rovaniemi on their own terms. After a relaxing morning, some classmates and I decided it would be good idea to explore Rovaniemi’s surrounding area on two wheels. We wandered into town and found a shop that rented out fat tire bicycles. If you have never seen one of these bikes before, they are quite something. Picture a regular looking bicycle with motorcycle tires. Hilarious to look at, but quite effective at navigating mud, rocks, sand, and snow (apparently).

The friendly bike shop employees recommended some trails to us and then we set out for Ounasvaara mountain. During our ascent I learned that two of my classmates had never been mountain biking before. “This could be interesting,” I thought to myself. What followed was an amazing afternoon filled with bumps, laughs, jumps, skids, tired legs, high fives, amazing views, and only a couple minor falls. A big shout-out to Louis for climbing hills like a madman, Marc for his fearless trail descents, and Jessica for her relentlessly positive attitude!


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For most of the students, the day started a bit late due to the midsummer celebrations (Juhannusta) on the night before and weekend. After breakfast and running errands like laundry etc due to the weekend, half the participants chose to go on the track to the Koivusaari nature trail and later the amusement park. The nature reserve was around 10 mins away by car from the city centre i.e. 3.5 kilometers. On reaching the track by a cab, the nature reserve provided 2 tracking routes, both of them culminated on a wooden deck which provides spectacular views to the water and nature. The students chose to sunbath, enjoy the views of the nature and photography. Later, the students decided to go to the amusement park, which is just across the bridge and 5 mins walking distance away. Different rides were enjoyed including ferris wheel with great views, roller coaster etc.

Later, the participants came back by the cab to the city centre and enjoyed a buffet meal at café koti.